A considered landscape approach

The iconic coastal setting is a significant part of the development’s tourism appeal. Preserving its beauty and blending the development into the natural environment are our central goals with the landscape design.

Our stated aims of the project’s approach to the landscape are:

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Emerge Associates have been engaged to deliver the landscape design across the Gnarabup Project. Click the link below to see a comprehensive overview including proposed materials and design.

Landscape FAQs

What type of plant species will be used?

An indicative plant list and select imagery has been included within the landscape drawings, which clearly defines our approach to plant species. Planting will consist of a mix of:

  • mature stock for specific uses and high-profile location purposes
  • smaller, nursery hardened-off stock for mass planting purposes
  • potential local seed collection and native seed purchase for overseeding revegetated areas.

We have aimed to make planting selections which are:

  • species of local coastal character, preferably endemic to Gnarabup and native to the South West
  • beneficial to the local coastal heath ecosystem as habitat for a range of endemic fauna and not invasive by habit or declared weed species
  • not prone to high fire fuel creation and load (where required and suitable) as a key part of fire management to the margins of the development
  • conducive to attractive and contrasting foliage, colour and form, to enable design-based planting and display the diversity of the local environment
  • suitable for providing shade where suitable, and for either opening or screening select views
  • readily commercially accessible and available for future replenishment.
What about any hard landscaping elements?

In our hard landscaping, as with our building design, we have aimed to complement the natural beauty of the area with our choice of materials. We have also selected materials and furnishings for their longevity and durability (with consideration given to warranties and guarantees), to minimise maintenance requirements and ensure that they remain fit for purpose in the future.

Our proposed range of hard landscaping elements includes:

  • local limestone (both taken from the site as part of earthworks and also as available locally) which will be used in large boulders, small rocks, gravel, and as a crushed aggregate
  • stone paving finish to select higher-use and feature areas and to select feature walls
  • off-form concrete to select feature walls and stairs
  • marine-grade stainless steel fixtures and fittings
  • galvanised metal finishes to select landscape elements
  • red asphalt for select paths and higher-use road areas
  • gravel finishes for select low-flow road areas and select lower-use paths
  • low-fuel mulches including sand, gravel and select organic mulches to defined areas.
Will the landscaped areas in the Gnarabup Village be publicly accessible?

Yes. We have proposed that the common areas within the Gnarabup Village (which provide a landscaped corridor between villas and through the project land) be accessible to residents, guests and the general public. These areas include paths, roads, planting areas, open grass recreation spaces, possible small play elements, seating and low walls.

Will there be any landscaped areas in the hotel that are publicly accessible?

Yes. We have designed public spaces into the resort precinct, including the landscaped open space and beach access path within the Mitchell Road reserve to the north of the site. This culminates in a new community park linking the Gnarabup Beach car park and the outdoor dining area of the new hotel beach bar and bistro, which will be open to the general public.

With these public areas, we are aiming to:

  • provide clear, direct, safe and compliant access between the Gnarabup Village, the top public carpark (above the White Elephant Café) and the beach access stairs and track
  • contribute to managing fire risk to the margins of the resort
  • provide open, usable informal grass recreation spaces and play areas for the general public
  • provide shaded seating as rest points on the pedestrian trip from the beach to Gnarabup
  • provide signage elements for clarity of pedestrian movement.

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