The bushfire threat

Bushfire is an ever-increasing risk for many regional areas and Gnarabup is no different.

We are especially conscious of Gnarabup’s recent and tragic history with fire; the 2011 bushfire destroyed 39 homes and damaged 26 more in the area. The fire extended along the coast running between the existing Gnarabup developed subdivision and the coast. All of the project land was within the path of the fire.

We commissioned Emerge Associates to prepare a bushfire management plan (BMP) for the project that examines the various responses to the identified bushfire risk (following development) that will make the ultimate use of the land suitable for its intended purpose.

Overall, the outcomes of this BMP demonstrate that the proposed development will satisfy the intent of the bushfire protection criteria outlined in relevant statutory requirements.

View the Bushfire Management Plan

Emerge Associates were engaged to prepare a bushfire management plan for Gnarabup Project. The bushfire management plan (BMP) examines the various responses to the identified bushfire risk (following development).

Bushfire Management FAQs

How will the development deal with bushfire risk?

A bushfire management plan (BMP) has been prepared which includes a risk assessment. This plan also includes risk treatments that address the context-specific factors affecting the proposed Gnarabup Project development. These treatments have been included in the BMP as management actions.

Will the buildings be designed to survive a bushfire?

A bushfire attack level (BAL) assessment has been undertaken to determine the associated bushfire risk on the buildings. This has informed the applicable BAL ratings, and in turn the building siting and construction response that will achieve compliance with the bushfire protection criteria and satisfy the precautionary principle.

Does the development need a second access road into Gnarabup to be approved?

No, approval does not depend on a second access road into Gnarabup.

Will the development fund a second access road into Gnarabup?

No. The development does not require a second access road into Gnarabup in order to go ahead, and so the project will not include building or funding any works towards it.

This is understandably a significant community concern, but the need for a second access road is a pre-existing safety issue for the Gnarabup community, identified after the 2011 bushfires. It is therefore the responsibility of the Western Australian State Government working with the Shire of Augusta Margaret River to finalise and implement a second access road.

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